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30 Aug 2012  

Windows 7 Professional x64
Multiple BSODs, different codes, related to graphics and nvidia driver


I've been plagued by random BSODs since about July on my PC which I built in May (You can see a quick overview here:
Now I generally have decent knowledge about computers, but I'm kind of stuck on this one (or maybe just in denial, we'll see.)

I have not found any reliable way to reproduce the BSODs yet, or found any (stress)testing utility that generates errors. Things I have tried:

- Run Memtest over night (~10 hours, 4 1/2 passes)
- Run Prime95 + MemtestG80 (Video RAM memtest from here: Folding@home - DownloadUtils) over night (about 14 hrs)
- Run multiple passes of "Video Memory Stress Test"
- Run Prime95 + Furmark + MemtestG80
- Run MemtestG80 + 3DMark11 so that all of my 2 GB of VRAM are in use
I have also run System File Checker, which did not find any errors.

None of the above has resulted in any of the programs showing any errors, crashing, or BSODs.

I did manage to get 2 BSODs with Driver Verifier enabled: One was while playing Sleeping Dogs, the other while watching a HD Video - both dumps were pointing to nvlddmkm.sys as the cause, so the nvidia graphics driver.

I have since completely removed and reinstalled the driver: Uninstall in safe mode, run Driver Sweeper, always reboot in between, and then do a clean reinstall. I realize I currently have the latest beta driver installed, but most of the BSODs are from when I was still running the 301.42 driver.
Also, the BSODs from the last 2-3 days may in some way be related to Guild Wars 2, since I have been playing that, but with the issues I was having before, I can't really be sure...

Now I have considered that my video card might be broken, but if that is the case, I do wonder why I can't seem to reproduce any error at all with all the memory tests and stresstests I have run over the last weeks, only to then get a "random" BSOD while playing a video...

My current plan of action would be to reformat my drive, do a fresh installation of windows and hope for the best...

All the information is included in the attachment, and a big thank you to everyone who is sifting through that in advance!
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