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31 Aug 2012  
Jim T

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Service Pack 1

Thanks for the quick feedback. The site suggested has nothing new; nothing I haven't tried. Although, interestingly, this time the Windows troubleshooter came back with "no problems detected"; instead of suggsting I reload my library or do the uninstall/install dance.

I do wonder if turning off the automatic updates would help? Is there a great risk there?

Re - WinAmp (noting that my first non-WMP preference would be to regain control over MediaMonkey; since I paid for the full package), I wonder about the following, maybe you could comment:
  1. My impression is that WinAmp doesn't support the Play To feature (I also send music to a Sony SA-NS400 speaker in another room) or media streaming in general (a concern since my computer, Blue Ray, and TV are now beginning to play nice and work together after a month of tinkering and exploring).
  2. In addition to my speaker in another room, the Blue Ray player and the HDTV are Play To options. It is nice to be able to send whatever selection or play list I want *wirelessly* to my hi fi system as well as to the remote speaker.
  3. I would like to keep both of these Play To/media streaming features if at all possible.
  4. Have you noticed any other losses (features/functions) you would have rather kept with the change from WMP to WinAmp?
  5. What about the music library size factor? Could storing my music library in a different way - and I'm not sure what that would be - help WMP to run more smoothly? (Or, would turning off the automatic updates by itself help with this?)
Thanks again. I'll keep checking back.
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