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01 Sep 2012  
Jim T

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Service Pack 1

Oohh! The last suggestion is indeed intrieging. I do store a large music library, about 1/2 of a 1 Terrabyte, on a external Seagate hardrive. I thought doing it that way would ease the burden on the WMP.

Maybe doing that is the problem or at least affects the problem? Would switching my music library back to my system's internal hard drive address the frequent "not responding" periods on the Windows Media Player?

Also, do I lose my Play To and media streaming features if I switch to another media player? The info in the set up instructions for the Sony SANS 400 indicates it is only set up to respond to wireless input from a WMP.

I have to leave shortly for a big gig. I'm running the sound board, mikes, and speakers for a medium sized outdoor private party. Someone else is doing the initial set up. Then, they're turning it over to me. It will also be my responsibility to see that everything gets packed up safe when the music ends around midnight.

So, I'll follow up, including checking out the hard drive suggestion, tomorrow or as soon as possible.

Thanks to both responders. This has been a most frustrating problem. If I can get a stable media player that also allows me to stream music to a remote speaker and also allows my home audio to access my music library, that would be the best - the cat's meow.
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