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02 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

2 things:

1: Speccy is taking a considerable amount of time to download, around 1 hour (which is weird as our internet isn't capped atm and everything else is fine) so I may not be able to get it.

2: While waiting for a reply I decided to do a bit of gaming, it all went fine until I BSOD'd again. So I have now done what you said and turned on Driver Verifier for future crashes. I have also attached the DMP file that I have just gotten incase you wish to see it.

Edit: speccy has decided it wants to download, with prime 95 should I be running the test with all of the default setting or is there something specific you want me to turn on/off?

Edit2: after turning on Driver Verifier and just general internet browsing I BSOD'd again (boy this is fun) so I have attached the DMP file from that to this post also.
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