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04 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit OEM
Have I Broken My Pc (PLEASE HELP)

So today I got another pc case in the mail. It's the one in the 1st photo below.
And I moved everything from my old pc case to this one and it was all fine untill I got to the wiring.
Everything went fine then I got the all the USB,HD Audio, power, restart.
On the old pc it was one plug. In this one there were like 5 different ones and I didn't had a clue where to put them.
There is no where for them I go but where the first whole one was.
I messed around with it all.
No luck then I was just messing round with the power one nothing happens in any but one of them.
I pressed the switch it turned on then off again. Just this once . After that it didn't do it again.
It will not do anything now
Did I like fry it.
What's wrong with it

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