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10 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 64 bit Premium
Help Needed Cleaning Disk


I have read numerous posts about people who have said their hard drives are filled up and they don’t know what’s caused the problem. I am one of those people and after trying numerous suggestions from other posts, I am at a loss.

About a week ago, I reinstalled Windows 7/64 onto a 120GB solid state drive (formatted/partitioned during Windows install to usable space of 111GB). There are no other drives on my system and the solid state drive is formatted as a single C: drive (plus of course the hidden windows partition) and Windows is installed on it.

First I did all the usual stuff like running disk cleanup, including cleaning up system files under the More Options tabs (e.g., I cleaned System Restore and Shadow Copies). I also verified (Control Panel – System – System Protection) that my current disk usage for System Restore files is zero (I even turned off system protection). Max usage for system restore was 3% (or 3.35 GB).

I have had a few Blue Screens in the past few days and don’t know if that is relevant, but I have also run a boot up disk check. As I have 24GB of RAM, I thought the space could have been used by a memory dump file hidden from me, so I looked around for any memory dump files (*.dmp) and could not locate any. Hidden and System files are set to display.

Finally I installed and ran both TreeSize and WinDirStat to try to determine what folders might contain a large amount of storage to help me narrow my search. Here is the strange point; both programs indicated about 75GB of disk usage so that means I should have about 36GB free and earlier this morning, I had about 36GB free. Then tonight, I noticed my drive was almost full showing only about 1GB of free space when I look at the drive through Windows. So unless I am reading TreeSize incorrectly, there seems to be a conflict and I can’t figure out where to look next. I am hoping someone can help me. Here is a screenshot of TreeSize.
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