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10 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 64 bit Premium

Some very good suggestions, thank you. Here are the results:

1) I disabled hibernate via powercfg.exe /hibernate off and that freed up some space.

2) I disabled paging that that freed up some space. By the way, I misstated, I have only 12GB of RAM but I still believe that is enough and don't need the paging file.

3) I had previously checked my shadow copy using vssadmin list shadowstorage and determined the following
Used Space: 0 B
Allocated Space: 0 B
Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: 3.351 GB

I am still having difficulty understanding why TreeSize now reports 53.1GB used, which on a 111GB drive should yield 57.9GB of free space, but Windows is indicating that I have 23.4GB of free space. By my calculations I am still missing 34.5GB of free space and can't "find" that missing space. I believe something is still wrong. Below is a link to an updated screenshot of TreeSize.

I also installed/used WinDirStat and got similar results. WinDirStat indicated I have used 51.2GB of space on my 111GB C: drive, which would indicate to me that I should have about 59.8GB free not the 23.4GB free indicated by Windows.

So in summary, the above changes did reduce some disk usage, thank you, but as that usage was reduced, TreeSize and WinDirStat both accounted for the reduced usage (e.g., the usage reported from both programs was reduced). I keep thinking that if TreeSize says I have 51.2GB of "used" space, then on my 111GB drive, I should have about 57.9GB of free space but Windows is saying I only have 23.4GB of free space. That means to me there is about 34.5GB of “missing” or “hidden” free space that I am unable to account for. Are my assumptions/calculations correct? I am interpreting TreeSize correctly?
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