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10 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 64 bit Premium

Thank you ignatzatsonic for your comments.

I removed compression on my drive and here are the updated WinDirStat and Drive Properties screenshots. The effect was negligible. I still am not sure why I don't have more free drive space assuming I am reading from WinDirStat that I have only used 51.4GB of disk space out of 111GB, which means I should have about 59.6 free versus my drive properties telling me I have 22.9 free. I understand I may have some hidden files, but 36.7GB (59.6 - 22.9) of hidden files seems excessive. And wouldn't WinDirStat see/calculate hidden files anyway?

Drive Properties:

P. S. I turned paging back on but set the limits from 100MB to 1GB for now.
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