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12 Sep 2012  

Dell 570 Ispiron 64 Bit Home Windows 7
Windows Update crashed my computer need help please

I am writing this windows safe mode.

Cannot get computer to boot in reg mode. Sat for 40 minutes, with message "please wait while windows configures"

Am running windows 7, 64 bit home, Dell Inspiron 570

It started yesterday when it downloaded updates for Windows. After the restart, the computer screen looked strange and could not open any programs. Went to "start" and re-booted, same thing happened again. I again went to start, this time it came up with 2 errors. (wish I had wrote them down) but said something about windows cannot find such and such. (sorry) Anyway, clicked on the "X" and windows came up again, but nothing would open. Had to hard boot as the start button would not even work.
Rebooted into safe mode and have tried to return to a previous restore point. Seems I don't have any. So can't do that.
I did go go to the recent installed windows updates and deleted them. But will not let me change the settings as in: Don't install updates automatically. I don't know if it is trying to install those over and over again.

I tried to get it to come up again with the errors, but no such luck, it just sits with the blue welcome screen, then the "please wait"

I am at a loss as to what to do next.

I have my operating system disk and my recovery disk.

My System SpecsSystem Spec