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13 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Strange Issue with AMD Catalyst 12.8 under Windows 7 x64 upon restart

Essentially this issue only shows up after the system is shut down or after a restart.

The issue is that after a reboot/restart - Aero is disabled and can't be fixed (via windows aero trouble-shooter - coming back with a message that my card may support Aero but the driver installed doesn't) - In device manager the card shows up fine and displays the correct version of the 8.982 display driver being installed, and as such, any attempts to upgrade the driver through device manager fail as it reports it already has the latest driver.

CCC (Catalyst Control Centre) will start but I'm presented with a white window and a window frame but nothing is selectable (nor any options to select) - it has to be closed from the icon on the taskbar or from task manager.

If I run the AMD Catalyst 12.8 setup file again - and select install -> custom options, I'm presented with a window that tells me everything is installed, however there are 3 options where the green tick is surrounded by a grey checkbox, of which only 2 can be de-selected, (the first non-selectable one is the AMD install manager) the other two selectable/deselectable ones are for the AMD Display Driver and the AMD HDMI Audio Driver.

From these options I've realised that re-installing the AMD Display Driver (via the AMD Catalyst setup.exe file) fixes the problem until the next restart, (I can use the install -> typical option instead of the custom option but it takes longer as it re-installs everything, and it seems that the custom option only re-installs the install manager & the display driver).

Problem is after the next restart or shut down, start-up - it needs to be done again, i.e it doesn't seem to stick - I can put the computer to sleep and wake it without a problem or can log-off and back on without problem, only happens after a restart or shut-down.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this ? - even if it is a matter of somehow silently re-installing the Display driver via some sort of script at start up so I don't have to do it manually ? - driving me nuts as essentially it works except for this issue.
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