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13 Sep 2012  

Win 7 Pro 64-bit

The very next time I rebooted, I got BCC C9 with the driver identified as PxH1pa64.sys, and my BlueScreenViewer names Microsoft as the source of this driver. I believe that I was careful NOT to check any MS drivers, by the way, in setting up the Verify. I am now on my really old Win XP computer, because I cannot get to a populated desktop (except in Safe Mode) because as soon as I enter my password, I get the BSOD. This has happened three times with PxH1pa64.sys. Once I got a c4, with the driver identified in BlueScreenViewer as fltmgr.sys, no manufacturer given. This last time, a c4 with no driver named, but the BSOD says "a device driver attempting to corrupt the system . . . . "
I can boot to safe mode, to try to make such changes as are suggested to me. What shall I do next? Go into safe mode and try to run the SF_ etc?
I get the circling balls transforming into the slanted colored window, then sometimes the BSOD right away with a c9. Often a BSOD with BCC c4 right after entering password.
I can get into safe mode, but with normal mode cannot get to populated Desktop. I cannot even try to use normal mode, which would at least give me some time to do things. Either I need to back out the Verify, or go into safe mode, and from there follow some instructions about how to post the SF- … dump data.
What shall I do next? Boot in safe mode, turn off Verify, reboot in normal, run the SF_....exe utility, zip it, and then attach it to this thread?
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