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20 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 Pro X64 SP1

AnandTech - Bench - CPU

If money is no object, Intel. The top two are 6 core Sandy Bridge E processors. (You could bump it up further with an 8 core Xeon, but that would limit your motherboard choices.) An Ivy Bridge based machine (I7-3770k) isn't far behind, and probably gives a significantly better price/performance ratio.

For the GPUs, the choice is less clear. The nVidia GTX680 and AMD Radeon HD 7970 cards are the best single-processor cards available at the moment. The nVidia card uses less electric power than the 7970 (mainly relevant to the PC's cooling burden), and I tend to prefer nVidia's drivers, but both are good.

If you need professional OpenGL, you'd have to look at nVidia's Quadro series or AMD's FireGL. The top-end cards in those series are much more expensive than consumer cards.
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