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20 Sep 2012  


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~$(then the name I used to save it.)
Those files may just be for system use. When you use your program to open one of your files for editing/viewing, a temporary "lock" file associated with the file you've opened gets created, preventing other network users from modifying the same file while you're doing your work. When you close the file the temporary lock file is supposed to get deleted, but there are times it doesn't (program crashes, improper shutdowns, network disconnects, etc.).

If Explorer's View Options are set to display hidden files you'll see these files get created/deleted as you open/close your data files. This setting allows you to see all other sorts of files as well, and may help to explain what you're now seeing.

If another user tries to open a file you've already got opened for editing, it'll let that other user open it, but in a read-only mode.

Again, I'm not sure how to reply to you alone. But Will try here. If I get these files in the future may I just delete them? I have Norton backup and it picks up EVERYTHING I place into my Libraries, documents, photos, videos. I don't want to give then the opportunity to raise my rates again because these are being backe up as well as the documents I truly saved.
Also, I don't use Explorer, rather, Google Chrome. And I'd have to be getting hacked, as they say, for another user to be trying to rea my files, am I right? What would you do in my situation?

One last thing, I tend to miss seeing the $~ and waste time trying to open unreadable files. I just want them GONE!

Thank you for helping!
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