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20 Sep 2012  


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Those are configuration files and basic script. They are inocuous and can be deleted without worry. To stop them from appearing if you feel you need to, remembering they're not harmful and will be regenerated by whichever program uses them, you will need to disable or uninstall the likely culprit. Right click one of the icons with a gear on it ( a config. file) and select edit, post a screeny of the contents, you might have to do that with a few before anyone can tell what created them.

Overall though it's nothing to worry about.
Thanks again for this reply...may I ask what you mean by disabling or uninstalling the culprit? It would be wonderufl if I could do that...I don't know what a "screeny is." Once i know these, I can at lest try to do something about it.(I'm a newbie, but WILL get a handle on this if it kills me, lol!)

I'm VERY glad to hear it's nothing to worry about, but as I mentioned somewhere else, Norton saves EVERYTHING in my libraries, and I don't want them to tell me they want to charge me for more space usage AGAIN. I also inadvertently click on the files with the ~$ in front of them too often which is a big waste of time for me...and even when I don't click to open them, I have to look through all of them before I find what I'm truly looking to open, which is an editable document. I also don't know why this doesn't occur EVERY time I save a Doc. Any further info you could offer, I'd appreciate.

Last, you wrote, “will be regenerated by whichever program uses them,”- my documents are simple MS Word Docs or Xcel docs. Are you saying that whenever I create on they will Reappear?

Thank you!
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