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22 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Random BSOD on Windows 7, also some more problems.


I've got a few problems, I get a few BSOD's that point to my Memory (MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, PFN_LIST_CORRUPT), brought it to my local repair shop, did things, can not figure out what they did, earned cash, logged on, 5 mins after I get a BSOD, they probably did not look at the Minidumps I have mentioned when I delivered it.
But also, randomly, does not matter, a process just takes up 25% of my processors and can not be killed.
Sometimes it is just 1 process and is a pain, but also sometimes 2, or 3.
And when they are 3, I can not use my system normally without lag.
Sometimes it is even 4 and my PC sometimes freezes up.
I can set the affinity to only 1 processor, but I can not kill it.

I did try to move my RAM to a different slot.
That worked, for only 1 day.
After that my system was working badly again.

Today, my system got 1 BSOD and froze up 4 times.
Here's a ZIP with the Minidumps and other small information.

PS: I also have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed on this system, on a different partition.
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