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25 Sep 2012  

Windows 10 Home 64bit
Allow Homegroup to communicate through Windows Firewall(Not Fixed)

First of all hello and thank you to people reading and trying to solve my problem

As the title says i'm having some communication issues between my computers. And i decided to write after searching for all advises through this site and others from google.

I'm using a w7 ultimate on my desktop and w7 home premium on my hp laptop. Some can say its so easy to connect them to eachother but i found out its not. I made a homegroup, allowed everything from advanced sharing and my desktop saw my laptop immediately but now the problem started. As i can do anything from desktop ultimate side i can't join from my laptop to my desktop. It can see ultimate but when i try to connect it says ''\\OEM not accessible... The specified network provider name is invalid''

Before you ask i shall say the thing i have done. My laptop is using MSE and my desktop KIS2013 as anti-virus prog. Both allowed for networking and homegroup connections(in and out). Both ip's are like

I want to fix this cause we can't play games with my friends. As i tested in the games like ''Heroes of Might and Magic 3'' it shows the game on tcp/ip but when i click it gives connection error. When we try to play counter-strike 1.6 it doesn't show on LAN games but when we write this command(connect it works.

At last when i open Homegroup troubleshooting(from the laptop with home premium) it says that ''windows firewall is preventing homegroup from communicating''. But it can not fix the issue and says the problem is ''windows firewall is incorrectly configured''.

I'm also curious about how can i connect/share files to laptop without any problems if if firewall is the problem. I hope any of you can solve my problem cause it's been a long time i'm searching every ideas and about to mess my computers.
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