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25 Sep 2012  
The Unofficial

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PC Build Confirmation


First of all, I would like to thank, and express my gratitude for all the help that I have recieved on this forum. You guys truly are great, and have helped me out of some rough spots. To inform you all, (thanks to you) I am attempting my second batch of PC builds! While my first was for my brother, I am now building two to server as school computers for friends. They wanted two computers for their children, that could run an online education system known as E2020. Their budget was a lowly $900 for two computers. This did not include the price for two monitors. So I went to trusty to assemble some components. After looking at the reciept from the last build, I knew that I could whip these two up with very little modifications. Seeing as my brothers cost $485, and I needed to get these down to $450 a piece. Not to mention that they had 2 160GB hard drives already. By the end of the modification process (between price changes and rebates that were no longer available) I ended up with a very different machine. In fact, the only common point was the CPU (intel i5 3550).

Basically, what I need you guys to do, is just make sure I haven't messed something up in a huge way (wrong PSU, poor quality parts, ill sized case, .etc). These computers seem to be really decent for the price, but what do I know?

Thanks guys so much for your help,
The Unofficial

P.S. Nobody in the family is very tech savvy, and they won't be playing really any games on them, or doing anything super intensive above basic photo editing and Windows Movie Maker.
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