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25 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

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What would be the difference between a clean reinstall and a restore to factory specifications (ie. What advantages might that add?)

I don't know if I have an Acer recovery partition or recovery disks, so I wouldn't know how to go about doing that. And I did purchase my laptop so I'm pretty sure I have a valid 25-character product key on a sticker on it somewhere.
I wouldn't be satisifed with "pretty sure" on the Product Key. Confirm yes or confirm no.

A clean reinstall will give you Windows 7 per se, without anything else Acer may have added. You will be able to choose your own partitioning scheme during the installation.

A restore to factory specifications will give you Windows 7 plus whatever other stuff Acer may have included---most of which you are probably better off without. You will end up with Acer's default partitioning scheme, which can be adjusted after the restore.

It's a near certainty you have an Acer recovery partition. You likely don't have recovery DVDs unless you personally made them.

Don't attempt the clean install if you do not have the Product Key.

I would not attempt the clean install if I had not made the recovery disks.

Most would tell you that the primary advantage of a clean install is that the programs Acer included can likely be replaced at no charge with better programs. The included programs that you never use will be gone. Less clutter and less occupied space on your C drive.

We can't really confirm whether you have a recovery partition without a picture of your Windows Disk Management. You likely access recovery from an Function Key during the boot process--or possibly from a program in your list of programs.
I do have a product key on a sticker on the bottom of my laptop.

I'm not sure what an Acer recovery partition is, or how I would access it. In my dvd book of computer-related disks, I DO have a burned DVD disk that I labelled "Repair Disk Windows 7 64-bit"... would that be my recovery disk? If so would using that be my best option out of all the available ones?

You say "I would not attempt the clean install if I had not made the recovery disks." Why is that?
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