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26 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

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Under 'My Ducuments' folder (pointing to C:\USers\myusername\My Ducuments), I think the default setup is to have links to 'My Music', 'My Videos', and 'My Pictures'. Somohow I've deleted or lost the link to 'My Pictures' (but I have the video and music links). How do I restore the 'My Pictures' link within My Documents?

At first, I thought just crating a shortcut to my picture location (C:\Users\myusername\My Pictures) would restore this, but the original link is not a shortcut but a full fledged 'File Folder' (as described in Explorer) but with a little arrow in the folder icon suggesting it's a link/shortcut (?). So How to I recreate this 'My Pictures' File Folder that is really a link?

Give this tutorial a look and see if it will help you. Libraries - Restore Default
Thanks, bigmck. I tried the rebuild library procedure, but My Documents was still missing the My Pictures folder (link). However, I did finally track down the problem, and for the sake of posterity I'll share the fix: For unknown reasons, I was missing a 'junction' (folder or hard link) in c:\users\[username]\Documents that pointed to my My Pictures directory. I re-established the junction like so:

mklink /j "c:\users\[username]\Documents\My Pictures" c:\users\[username]\Pictures

...and Bob's your uncle.
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