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27 Sep 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Thank you for the reply.

Short story - this database was handed down to me & I don’t know a lot about its internal workings.

At about the time the size increased I “printed” a report to a PDF file. I used the file but don’t recall saving it. Perhaps it was accidentally saved to Access.

I just now Googled how to find objects & it showed how to view tables. So I looked through several of the Tables & found a duplicate copy of a form letter which appears in the larger database. IIRC this was the one I was working with & is just a single page. I right clicked on Properties but it does not indicate if this a PDF or .doc file, nor does it indicate the size. I doubt it’s a 20 MB pdf, but how can I tell? I tried to copy/paste it to another folder but cannot. I can click on Copy, but when I go to Paste it the Paste function is grayed out.

I experimented on a copy of the database & deleted the duplicate form letter, and then compacted & repaired. The database size went back down to 45 MB so I’m presuming that was the problem.

But now I’m curious about what I deleted. It must have been more than just a single page form letter & I‘m guessing had some data associated with it. How can I see what it really is?
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