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27 Sep 2012  

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i don't understand, what does MBAM scan settings to as per pic mean? and do u mean that malwarebytes should be just an addon scanner?
also in the malwarebytes web site it says u can download malwarebytes free version and pro version upload, what does upload mean? thank you
Mate what I meant was that if you run the full version of Malwarebytes - just in case you didn't know what MBAM means - it will conflict with the Kaspersky. If you look at the settings in the pic it unticks the filesystem for scanning with Malwarebytes because Kaspersky does not like being scanned in that manner.

By an add on scanner I mean you run it on an ad hoc basis and not as a online / on call scanner.

The upload is just if you want to have the full paid for version.

Now just for your info I ran the full version of Malwarebytes a few years back before I knew better and Kaspersky did not like it.

I was advised by a very experienced software fellow who did a lot of development work on the Kaspersky security suite and he put me right on what the problem was with the Malwarebytes running alongside it and the problem with the filesystem scan issue.

Anyway I have said enough each to his own you must do what you think is best.
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