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28 Sep 2012  

Win 7 Ultimate x64
Win 7 cannot detect wired network on pc, but internet can be used

Win 7 Ultimate 64bit, dual ssd's (120g) in raid. Connected to router, router connected to modem.
When I put curser on network icon it says "no connections available" I checked for drivers and they are fine. Both device (onboard) and drivers are fine. I removed and re-installed drivers, but same. i can connect to internet and surf fine, but some programs i have will not launch simply because i believe it detects first if i am on network or not and since windows cant detect network, these programs wont launch. I have already flashed the bios, re-installed chipset and changed net cable. I also bypassed the router straight to moden. When i try to run win network troubleshooter, it says the same "no network to troubleshoot".
Dont know wat else, any thoughts?
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