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02 Oct 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Look ma' spaghetti...


At one time boasting 6 HDD's but when I reinstalled Windows and scrapped my old setup with Debian Linux I had to downgrade how many hard-disks where in there because it was getting ridiculous and Windows prefers booting from the IDE disks in preference to the SATA disk's.

Yes, I changed the BIOS settings but that didnt make a blind bit of difference.

Still boasts four fans though, although in this photo which doesn't do my rig my justice you can really see them all, there's one on the opposite side of the motherboard one in front of the hard-disk bay, one up the back and one directly over the CPU.

Killer desktop though...


You may notice my lack of a windows start ORB I replaced it with the GNU Penguin because although I may have made the transition to Windows from Linux I am still a GNU Guru at heart.

Hence why the majority of software I run is all under GNU license, who says you cant have your cake and eat it?

I should really change my name and be henceforth known as nerd-core! Look mum it's a Klingon bird of prey.. Why a bird of prey? Well that's because you wont see it until it de-cloaks and fire's at you.... Whoopee nerd rage!

Useful everyday klingon phrases "Hab SoSlI' Quch!" - Your mother has a smooth forehead!

Earthlings "ugly bags of mostly water..." Best next gen star-trek episode ever No.34 season 2 with two Klingon women at the dinner table "He looks fragile, but I will take him!" Riker "is she serious?" Klingon "Yes!"
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