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03 Oct 2012  

Win 7 Home Premium x64
SSID disappears

I have a problem that doesn't seem to be very common. My SSID will disappear. My wireless connection will be fine and then I will see a yellow * on the wireless icon (not the ! of a disconnect) and I am no longer connected. Clicking on the wireless icon brings up numerous Wireless Connections (neighbors) but not mine so I can't reconnect. I have to shut off the wireless switch at the router and when I turn it back on my SSID reappears and then I can connect. It happens maybe once or twice a day.

I thought it was a bad router so I exchanged it (same model) and it happened again. I did find others with the same router with the problem and they think it happens when the router assigns a new IP. But AFAICT my laptop always has the same IP ( (preferred)).

Could it be my new laptop? But if the wireless card was bad why am I able to see other networks? Interference can cause disconnects but complete disappearance of the SSID from it seems unlikely.

I only have my wireless network listed so no others to clear. I have the wireless adapter set to not turn off power. The router is default except for changing the SSID name.

I am really lost on this.
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