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04 Oct 2012  

Win 7 Home Premium x64
Cloned my ssd to my partitioned external now cant see the partition

Hi guys, I just cloned my ssd to my external hdd for work. On my external is an 80 gb partition that holds the clone of the ssd, the remainder of the space is a partition called G: When I boot from my ssd I can't access either partition on the external drive, although windows sees both partitions in the disk manager and says that it is in conflict with the data on my ssd. When I boot from the external I am unable to see let alone access the G: partition. I am aiming to be able to access the G: partition both from my ssd and from the ssd clone partition. Just a side note, when I plug the external into my netbook, everything is fine and I can both see and access both partitions. It is probably something astoundingly simple I am missing here, hope someone can help.

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