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04 Oct 2012  

Win 7 Home Premium x64

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The first thing i would do is check the manufacturers site to see if there is a firmware update. If a lot of people are experiencing the same thing it could be something they fixed with an update.
It happened on two different routers (same model) with two different firmware files including the most current, so I ruled that out. Not to say it may be corrected with another update but the manufacturer has not acknowledged a problem.

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Also what frequency are you running b/g = 2.4, n=5.0. Lastly what channel are you running.
Aren't there plenty of non dual band routers that are N rated? Mine is N rated but is single band, 2.4 GHz. As an aside I am being limited in my wireless connection speed. I've accepted that as a limitation of my wireless card and the crowded wireless in my area.

Channel was set to auto and have since changed it to 11 (I believe 1, 6 and 11 are the best choices). Although if all my neighbors are using those of course there will be conflict...see below.

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Could there be interference between channels or frequency? (neighbors access points is running at the same channel, or cordless phones are interfering with the frequency)
No cordless phones on 2.4GHz. You really think interference from a neighbor (highly likely) would cause a complete disappearance of my SSID only?

When it happens I can see five other networks but I can't see mine. It is gone.

I can see interference of some sort causing a disconnect but I have not heard of it causing the SSID to completely disappear.
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