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16 Jan 2009  

Windows 7 7100 RC 1, Windows Vista 64, Windows XP, MAC OS X 10.5.5
Need help with dual boot, hiding a partition


I've just installed Windows 7 64-bit on my desktop PC as it worked so well for the past month on my laptop I shrunk my Vista 64 partition and installed Win 7 x64 build 7000 on the new partition. All went smooth and well!

As I wanted to transfer some files and settings from my Vista install to my new Win7 I assigned a drive letter to my hidden Vista drive in the "Disk Management" utility and went on with my business. Now, as I'm done I'd like to hide my Vista partition again but I can't get it to work

When I select my Vista partition and select the "Change Drive Letter and Paths" and then press the "Remove" button I get the following error box:

"Windows cannot remove the drive letter of your volume. This may happen if your volume is a system or boot volume, or has page files."

My Vista volume is the first volume of the physical drive, the boot files is there but I don't have any page file on it. How come this drive could be hidden and revealed in the first place but not hidden again?

All and any advice is most welcomed!
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