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07 Oct 2012  
Windows 911

Windows 8 Pro
Keyboard input issue-not hardware problem


I am trying to fix my friend's Asus F6Ve computer. He bought it 3 years ago in Taiwan.(Disregard my comp specs) His computer is in perfect working order, except for the keyboard. The input is incorrect on some keys. For example, I can not get a capital "C". I hit shift+C and my request is ignored. However, I can still request lowercase "c" by simply hitting the C button. The shift button also still functions, except for a couple other letters besides "C". I have also found out that the "back arrow" button translates into a backslash, not a cursor down function. I am quite proficient with computers, but this one has stumped me. He says that this started to occur once he arrived back from overseas this summer. (From China). Again, it is not a hardware issue, as the keyboard responds to every key, just doesn't type in the correct one.

I have tried to remove the keyboard layout and add it again. I have also tried to add US keyboard international versions too, to no avail. Anyone have any idea of what I can do to bring it back?
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