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08 Oct 2012  

Windows 7 32 bit

Just for grins I installed and messed around with CleanMem. My memory usage looked just about the way it does anyway. Many of my task tray hotkey apps I call EmptyWorkingSet() to return unneeded memory to the system. I noticed after running it using the mini-monitor where you could manually trigger it, my copies of chrome.exe in memory went from 25-35 MB each in Task Manager to a couple of MB. But after a few seconds/minutes the usage was right back up there.

I found with chromium it's better to use --renderer-process-limit=n switch to keep the number of instances from going wild.

The long of it and short of it, didn't do any harm, didn't really do any good as my system is tuned to only park a couple hundred MB in the page file. My typical peak page file usage is about 225 MB. With CleanMem it actually went up to about 330 MB. Inconsequential. But on my system there seems no point in running it. It may help more on systems with only 1 GB ram.
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