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09 Oct 2012  

Windows 10 64bit

This is why my tech teacher said to not bother trying to open up a psu and trying to fix it due to the risk of electrocution,she always said to get rid of it and just buy a new one and under no circumstances ever try opening up a psu no matter how knowledgeable you are. Poor guy,I wish his family the best.

I actually have been shocked before by accident because i accidentally didn't make sure it was fully turned off and pulled on one of the cords from the mobo to remove it and got a small shock which i felt go through my whole right arm since the mobo still had a bit of power even though it was disconnected from the power.

This happened when I first got into computers and was new and now i make sure it is fully off by disconnecting from the power and pressing the power button a couple times to make sure the mobo drains out what ever is left. Glad nothing serious happened to me like this poor fellow. Good thing I have never messed with the psu its self and have always just disposed broken psu's because of the advise given to me.
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