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09 Oct 2012  

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I have actually been electrocuted by one of those big capacitors in PSUs. It all really depends on how the current is traveling through your body ,ie. across your chest area is bad because of vital organs such as your heart and lungs.

Other factors could have caused his death such as mental shock or being surprised by the electrocution could have caused brain damage or resulted in a stroke. Also of note is that you should always wear an Electrical Discharge Wrist Strap that is properly grounded to the Earth.

It is tragic that people die from seemingless simple things such as computer parts.
If you didn't die, then you weren't electrocuted.
Just realized that after looking up the definition of the word there are conflicting definitions, Oxford defines it as "injure or kill (someone) by electric shock"

While other dictionaries state it is directly to be killed by an electrical shock.

Nevertheless I will be more careful in choosing words, as in my previous post "electrical shock" would probably more appropriate instead of "electrocuted".
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