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15 Oct 2012  
Andreas W

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

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I think the timing is 9-9-9-24 and the voltage is set to auto in the BIOS.
The timins are right, but manualy set them at their rated voltage that is 1.5 volt, and see if that changes anything
Okay I'll do that but I never had problems with the auto thing. By the way, memtest is now done with 2 passes and still no errors. It's already in 40% with the 3rd pass. Should I stop it now?
Hmm, just to be on the safe side run it a bit longer, I believe their site says 6-8 passes recommended, and if thats done and no errors you can tick that off and move on to the next thing, after 8 passes is done change the volt to manual, because it can be that they get to much volt, for an example my ram is also rated for 1.5 I was doing some overclocking and changed them to 1.6 everything worked great and I passed all stress tests, but after 3-4 days of running I got a BSOD, I am not saying you have the same problem but it could be and its better to run all the volts as manual if not the cpu will increase them to much and in the end make something melt, so if your running your vcore and vtt/imc on auto also do not start any stress related programs like IBT(intel burn test),Prime95 etc because your voltages will probably go way above safe settings
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