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16 Oct 2012  

Windows 7 ULT 32 bit

Hello Roadrunner and Firebird, thanks for your replies.

First, Roadrunner... the MPC-HC download that I downloaded from the page you linked for me was the one labeled "Zip file" next to the "Installer" link, which usually means that it is a Zipped version of the same thing. But I see now that the download link named "Installer" downloads an actual installer... so I get that now.

But are telling me that installing that MPC-HC app will make my DVD drive see DVDs that it will not see now? I mean, even if it installed additional codecs on my system, that doesn't make my DVD drive see anything differently, right?

And Firebird, the Microsoft driver for my DVD drive is the one that I was referring to... which other driver would be available for it, right?... and it CAN be updated, according to the Device Manager interface for that drive, seen in my screenshot attached at the bottom of this post.

The driver for my SAMSUNG HD161HJ SCSI DVD/CD Disk Drive is the Microsoft driver, version 6.1.7600.16385, dated 6/21/2006, and it does give me the option to update it. My concern there would be that it may (for whatever reason knowing how things go) render my DVD drive inoperable in some sort of software glitch if I try updating that driver... Murphy's Law, ya know?

My last question would be, have you ever heard of or experienced a DVD drive's software driver update improving its ability to read more types of DVDs?... or have you ever heard of updating a DVD drive's driver having the opposite effect.

Since this DVD/CD drive is consistently reading the same DVDs properly over and over in my tests, and not reading the same DVDs over and over in my tests, it leads me to believe that this drive is not having an intermittent failure problem, but more of a problem where the drive or the software driver for it is not reading some types of encoding that some DVDs have. In addition, this drive has never had any problem burning any DVDs or CDs or reading any of the DVDs and CDs that I've burnt.

Let me know what you think of my last question.



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