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Win XP 32

Hello All. Looking for help, just about at wit's end. Have scoured the net for 2 days now, and the answer to my riddle does not seem to be posted, have tried a whole whack of things to no avail.

The issue in short, is I have a laptop with Win 7 32bit on it, and can't get XP to finish its install. It is on a separate partition, and that was formatted before install. When that gave me grief and after trying many other things, I tried again letting XP do a FULL format, and that gave me the same damn result.

The result, and where I am stuck, is after XP loads all the setup files and does its very first reboot, I get an error that says Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll

And that is it, XP will not resume its install no matter what I have tried.

Things to note:

- I am using XP Pro with SP2 slipped, that I used just 6 months ago so I know its good
- It is a Sata drive and XP sees it and all partitions no problem before the install without doing F6
- Win 7 does not reboot, of course, unless I boot from Recover CD I made prior and repair boot
- Once in Win 7, I do see boot.ini, ntdetect and other file in the 200mb system partition that Win 7 made, right where they should be. I have tried changing the partition number in the boot.ini file to no avail, maybe I didn't try all the numbers though (there are 4 partitions counting the 200mb one)
- The Hal.dll file IS in the Windows folder on the drive XP is being installed on.
- I tried installing NOT giving the 200mb partition a letter, AND giving it a letter, no difference (files were in right place)
- I even tried editing the Boot manager with EasyBCD to include XP, so I get a choice of Xp or 7, when I pick XP I get some kind of error instead of the "install" resuming.
- I also tried booting the XP disc and trying a repair install but this goes no where.

I hope someone will have an idea or two on what to do and what is happening, because I am ready to ditch 7 or something and dont want to go that route.

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