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19 Oct 2012  

Win XP 32

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Then I'd reinstall that OEM version of XP using the Product Key on sticker.

Do you have the packaging with COA sticker for Win7, because it they had installed a bootleg copy it could well be interfering. The only way to know for sure if this is the case is to wipe the HD with Diskpart Clean Command, so you'd need to know you have Genuine Windows 7 to reinstall.

Are you booting XP CD to install? The reason I ask is because you said you have the XP Setup files on your fourth partition. You should install from booted CD. Is this a known-good XP CD which is clean and unscratched.
The XP I have is a good copy I used 6 months ago, but it is not the one that matches the sticker on the back of laptop. When I do the install I boot from CD, then it loads the Windows files to the fourth, and the ntdetect, etc to the 100 meg partition but when it does the first reboot I get the hal.dll error and have an unbootable PC. Only with the 7 repair disc can I get back in, by repairing the start up files.

Since I have posted, I tried editing the boot.ini again with 4 different lines under [operating systems] one with each number 1,2,3,4 (maybe I should try 5?). When I reboot I get a dual-boot option only because I edited the bootmgr (otherwise there was NO option to go to XP at all and it justs boots to 7 after repairing the startup files), but when I choose XP from HERE, I get a different error (not hal) as I mentioned.

I think there are two things going on here. I mean trying to boot XP from the dualboot menu gives a completely different error likely for good reason (if only I knew what that was... ) Trying to boot right after the XP file setup seems to go a different path, and this is before I can edit boot.ini since an XP install will replace any boot.ini file that is there. Right after the install when I check boot.ini, it has the path of (4) for which partition to look at, and maybe this is the whole issue (I seen others with this problem). 4 SEEMS right, but maybe in fact it is not, and I should try editing it a different way BEFORE repairing the 7 files. kind of hints at what I am pointing to. What I should probably try is editing boot.ini right after the install gets stuck, by booting from CD and going to repair. I am not totally sure how to do this, and hope if I do do it I won't totally screw up 7 in case what I do doesn't work.

I'm stuck in a never-ending loop. The 7 does say it is not genuine unfortunately. I am trying to avoid a full wipe as there is a bunch of stuff I want to keep on here, and I have no where else to put it currently its a 750gig drive. I do have another 7 CD that is OEM 64bit, and am contemplating putting it on the 4th partition instead of XP, but this is backwards to what I was hoping, since then I will be faced with the same problem, trying to install XP from 7 machine, instead of getting XP on it first, then putting the good copy of 7 over the bad one. (and apparently doing 7 dualboot from an XP machine is much easier than vice versa)
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