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21 Oct 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64
seriously slow i7 laptop - something not right


I need some advise as my laptop is running very slow and seems to be "plodding" along. My laptop is a 2nd Generation i7 (Sandy Bridge) with 8GB of DD3 RAM, 1GB Nvidia Graphics and a 750GB Hard Drive.

Loading the laptops takes a while even though the boot optimizer claims it takes 40 seconds to loads (definitely longer)

If I click an icon on the desktop there is a good 3 - 5 seconds delay before the machine responds and starts loading the program. Burning DVD's takes forever even though its an 8 speed DVD / Bluray combo drive.

My old PC was a custom built AMD X 2 4200 with 4GB DDR 2 RAM (4 years old) and that is faster than my laptop for booting, burning and general use of Windows.

I have tried reformating the machine with both the manufacturer recovery partition as well as just with a clean windows 7 however the same problem happens.

What do you suggest and what can I do to see where the bottleneck is forming and how to clear it?

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