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26 Oct 2012  

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

I certainly can not find a way to move a program from the systray to the taskbar but I'm still hoping that someone will know a way to do that. Or perhaps a way to execute a program from the command line that will cause it to appear in the taskbar.

I realize there are other launcher programs out there, dozens in fact. I have a shareware one I like already (CoolTabs - no longer supported) and I'm a particular sort of fellow so I'd like to keep using that. I've looked at a number of these programs and there are only a couple of them that work in a way I really like. My next option is another shareware program (Control Runner) and another $30.
So, I guess the answer is I like to using a launcher that functions in very specific ways and if possible not have to buy another one. That's why I keep hoping someone will know a way to do this.
I can keep running CoolTabs out of the systray it's just not my idea of quick access nor an easy place for my wife to remember and use. Making it the first item in the taskbar would at least do that.
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