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31 Oct 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x6

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I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue. Run this way for a few days and if you're satisfied that things are copesetic, please return, post an all-clear update and mark the thread as solved.

Short answer: no I wouldn't be concerned.

I get those types of dialog warnings too - normally on NTUSER files. I'm not familiar with references Benchtop monitoring and diary files so I can't say for sure.

Some OS and App files are protected in the registry. The dialog is only telling you that it can't access the file, not what the security already is - so it might already be set to the appropriate sec level.

If you weren't experiencing issues with the App associated with those files before, then since you could not change the security, I wouldn't expect any difficulty going forward. To ease your mind, run whatever App(s) access those files and if you have trouble - post something.

PS: for future reference. It's great that you post screenshots, but it would be very helpful if they were a little more readable. Try posting individual screenshots that are pertinent to the issue. The forum automatically manages images and large ones become too small to read. luckily I know about magnifiers - lol



Hmmm, actually those text files are my personal text files. I mean them myself, hence the name diary.txt. The Benchmark Monitoring you saw is just a folder that I made that contains all the desktop shortcuts of programs for benchmarking the computer. I would understand this access denied error if they were system files but these aren't? But I can open them without any problems. Weird though.

Lol ok. Are you saying that I should just directly upload them here instead of going through photobucket?
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