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31 Oct 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x6

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Nah, after I posted, I realized the files were in/on your desktop. The Desktop has special characteristics that I never bothered to fully understand. Sure you own the files but SYSTEM or TrustedInstaller controls the security simply because of where the file reside. If it ain't broke......

It's not a matter of where you post it, it's the resulting image. Sorry, I didn't pay close enough attention to where the image was hosted.

Take a look at one of your posted images. See all of that "extra" stuff around the images that pertain to the issue? the images I grabbed from your big image and posted here, really focus my attention on what you're trying to tell me. Plus I can read them <older w/ eyesight getting worse every year =;>

To only capture the active window instead of the full screen, you can Alt+PrtSc and paste the clipboard in Paint, save and post. Or you can use the window capture option in the Snipping tool.

Thanks, it was great working with you.

Ok, got you.

Wow, another thing that I've learned from you is the Alt+PrtSc shortcut, I didn't know that

Yeah, thanks too man. I will monitor my computer for a few days.
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