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31 Oct 2012  

Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

Most laptops run their fans as slow as possible to save battery power. The end result is that it's typical for laptops to run their CPU's at 70C to 80C, even the "fruity" laptops that you pay a $1,000 tax to have the magic glowing emblem on the back run at that temperature. My HP Envy 17 is actually an exception to that general rule, it usually runs its CPU at 40C and I rarely hear the fans.

Oh, converting to non-standard American measurements, that's around 160F-180F for typical laptops and mine is running around 105F but is very atypical -- I've never before owned a laptop that ran its processor this cool. I think it's because the ventilation system on the Envy 17 was designed for much hotter processor than the Sandy Bridge that's in mine, Sandy Bridge sips power compared to earlier high-end I7's.
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