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01 Nov 2012  

Windows 10 Pro

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so i checked up the dxdiag and it shows that i have directx 11 on my computer
the latest directx my gpu support is 10.1
now i want to know how can i delete it and replace with another 9 or 10 or 10.1 probably?
Hello novacounter,

Yes, DirectX11 (DX11) is intergrated in WIndows 7 and can't be removed. However DirectX (11) is backwards compatible, meaning that it can run and play games in 9 & 10 modes.

Also be aware that in order to play in DX11 mode, 3 criteria must be met: The OS must be DX11 (software), the game must be DX11 (software), and the video card must be DX11 (hardware). If any of these are not, the game will run in the lowest mode of those 3 items...

For example: OS= DX11, Game= DX11, Video card= DX9, the game will play in DX9 mode... not DX11. If we went game DX9, video card DX11, the game would still run DX9 because there is a DX9 item in play.

See steps 5 & 6 here for an explaination: Tips on Troubleshooting Game Issues
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