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03 Nov 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Motu Ultralite mk3 Hybrib USB. Causing all sorts of issues and BSOD

Hi there people.

I plumped for the Ultralite a couple of months ago, mainly because of it's i/o options/price point. When it works it's just what I need. I was aware of Windows driver issues before buying but as my studio/live laptop is kept reletivly stripped back I thought it was worth a stab.

However, it's just not playing nicely. Here's a quick run down of my system:
PC Specialist/Clevo W150HRM
Intel i7 2670QM @ 2.2GHz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit (6.1, Build 7601)
Motu driver version:
Running at 96/24

And a run down of the porblem/s

The laptop has 2x USB3 and 2x USB2, I always (or used to) have NI's Maschine plugged into one of the USB2 slots as it will not work on USB3, the Motu goes in the other USB2 because that won't work in USB3 either. The USB3 slots are used for a Roland A-300 MIDI keyboard, and a hub that has a mouse and a bus power lead for an eSATA drive that is always plugged into the eSATA port.

Problem #1
The Motu and Maschine don't dig each other's company. If I power up, with everything connected, there is no output, no audio runs. I worked thorugh different power up procedures until I came to the working solution of only plugging in the Maschine hardware once the software is running, or a VST instance of it. If i then close the software, with Maschine hardware plgged in, audio stops. This is of course not ideal.

Problem #2
Often, when powering up, without Maschine connected, I will have lots of audio glitching. Opening up Motu's Audio Console, and changing buffer rates a couple of times sorts this. However, playback often starts glitching/DC spiking while running windows audio/Sonar X1 without anything seemingly being changed.

Problem #3
I use Sound Forge pro 10 as my main audo editor, however it now does not work. It crashes if I open it while Sonar or any other audio application is running. I gather this is because it is still set to 44.1 in audio prefrences. When I open the program it changes the Motu's sample rate. If i try to change the sample rate in Soundforge it pretty much flips me off and stays the same. While doin this the other day, Sound Forge hung then I got my first BSOD (mini dump link at bottom).

Basically, the Motu is rather hit or miss. I hate having to dick about unplugging/replugging hardware all the time, and I know how good it would be if it just got along. I'm very close to doing a clean install of the OS and starting again. I've updated (or think I have) the drivers for my Laptop, but it's quite hard to work out from the Clevo site just what I need.

I'm in all day and it would be great if someone could have a look over the mini dump and help me identify what is causing all the grief. Let me know if you need any other info.

Many thanks.
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