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03 Nov 2012  

Windows 7 Home Basic OEM
How to install win7 on two separate hard disks?

Hello everyone, i want to attempt something but im unsure, hope u could help me out

So basically, i have a win7 hm basic original cd.

1. Win7 is already installed on one of my hard disks and the os is used by pretty much everyone in the family.

2. I want to install it on a second hard disk which i intend to buy soon. Because i need a clean completely separated os from the other hard disk for personal works and storage.

3. Basically i don't want to partition my drive for dual boot, but rather get a choice on which hard disk to load windows at start up. I want them to be separated.

So is that possible? Could u guide me through the setup, because i hear something about master and slave drive, but i'm lost at these, not that i'm a noob, but i'm no techguy either. I would really appreciate help, thank you for sparing your time. Have a nice day!

Edit: i would like to know if there are risks of losing the os on my original hard disk in doing so?
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