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03 Nov 2012  
Sir George

Windows 7 Professional x64

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Hello everyone, i want to attempt something but im unsure, hope u could help me out

So basically, i have a win7 hm basic original cd.

1. Win7 is already installed on one of my hard disks and the os is used by pretty much everyone in the family.

2. I want to install it on a second hard disk which i intend to buy soon. Because i need a clean completely separated os from the other hard disk for personal works and storage.

3. Basically i don't want to partition my drive for dual boot, but rather get a choice on which hard disk to load windows at start up. I want them to be separated.

So is that possible? Could u guide me through the setup, because i hear something about master and slave drive, but i'm lost at these, not that i'm a noob, but i'm no techguy either. I would really appreciate help, thank you for sparing your time. Have a nice day!
First a question, do you have the family pack which provides for 3 installations? If not, that will be your starting point; i.e. purchase another copy of Windows.

Then go to the following link for instructions;

Okay, ill remove the part i said i was probably a noob, i am a noob. I got fooled by my technician (won't trust them ever) =.= well literally when i bought win7 i asked him abt it and he sold me the OEM version which i did not know about, (he could have informed me of the OEM and retail versions - though i should have done my homework too..... i feel betrayed.)
So basically from what i understand the technician outsmarted me and trapped me, so that i'm dependent on him for OS support?

Is OEM affected by change in hard disk? Can't i install it on the other hdisk (cause ill be using the same mobo, and every hardware is the same) or is that considered another "pc" i.e does the licensing involve only one hdisk at a time?

From the link u gave me, i see that u have to disconnect the first hard disk, but is there any risk of losing my installed os and their apps (cause i have some programs whose license are working) when reconnecting after the 2nd os is installed on the other disk?

Thnx for replying
In the strictest sense, the OS is only to used on one computer at a time. So, does having the OS on two separate disks in one computer violate the license? I wouldn't know!

When you disconnect the drive with all your data, it will stay intact during the install process on the new drive. However, if you have strict licensing agreements on some of the currently installed software, you may not be able to copy it to the new drive. Different vendors have different restrictions as well as safeguards to prevent more than one installation.

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