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06 Nov 2012  

arch linux x64

as for me, i dont need to understand system image anymore, i think i might have mispoken. my post wasnt about system images at all. i dont even have one, and i know they are different. i was just talking about backups, and trying to clear up the previous peoples concerns.

you said it nicely when you mentioned "The most recent Backup Set will be incrementally added to"
, it would be helpful if you could state the obvious though, that each backup listed "in Manage Space" is a separate backup, and one doesnt depend on each other. i think this is the main thing viewers are confused about, and or just want to be sure about.

look at the original posters questions, he wanted to if he could delete the older "backups" more properly termed by you as "sets" without losing untouched files. The problem is windows doesnt call them sets, they are called "backup data", and "file backups" for a "period" for lack of a way better terms.

Some users were making it out to be the fact that the sets were dependent on each other, when in fact, they are not, correct everyone?

i would really like to know, because i have one period thats 1.00 TB, and the next period is 1.57 TB, and my array is chalk full. i dont want to delete the 1st period, knowing that the 2nd period isnt complete, because in the event that the hard drive fails, there is new files that havent been backed up yet to the new period. worse yet, if i dont delete it, and backup right away, those files will be lost if the main drive goes out. So im at high risk right now.
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