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08 Nov 2012  


roncerr, jimpz Thanks for the responses. jimpz yes it makes me crazy when companies are resistant to change but I suppose they have their reasons. I tried both ie8 for xp 64 and for vista 64 and it tells me they are incompatible. there is no option for a windows 7 64 download. Any idea where i can get an ie download for windows 7? And roncerr Thanks again for your response. It is not a problem with the software or anything like that it is strictly that the hospital does not allow it. Crazy I know it just simply hasn't been approved yet. If I cant get ie 8 on there for him he won't be allowed to use it. if I could find a redistributable could I strip off ie9 and put it on? And where could one find an ie8 for win7 64 redistibutale?
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