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11 Nov 2012  

MP3 tags and album art

Can anyone give me some info on working with tags?

WMP keeps adding artwork to all individual MP3 tracks instead of the 'music note' icon - as a conseqence my single tracks are scattered all over the library and each of these individual tracks, listed as a seperate album.

What I want to do, is put these separate tracks, into their separate 'album' folders (as they are already stored in my library) Simple... or so I thought...

How do I get rid of the artwork tag? Where is it? and why is WMP overwriting the 'icon' and listing it as an album?

Have tried deleting database files and had a go (although I'm no expert and know so little about tags) with a tag editing tool, (Reeza) which had no effect.

Is there a simple guide somewhere - on what tags are and where to locate/alter/delete them?

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