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12 Nov 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

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Okay, this is weird. I played the disc again (the same one from before) today, and I worked, and as I played it from beginning to end, nothing wrong happened. "shrugs" I don't get it.

Is Total Media Theatre 3 free to get? If so, where? Same goes for WinDVD, and the update for what I have. Speaking of Cyberlink Power DVD: anytime I look for an update, it's one that costs money. If there was a free one, that'd be great.

I did what you asked, but I'm not too sure if I have any or if I'm looking at it right, and I don't want to click something that's wrong. I made a picture so you can pinpoint it for me, here:
I'm not surprised the disc played alright the next time you tried it. Similar problems here before the update of TotalMediaTheatre 3. Buggy.

I didn't know if PowerDVD came with your computer, or if you bought it. But yea, the updates available are for purchased versions, those versions that come with your computer are usually lite versions the manufacturer has licenses to for installation on machines they build. The only free media player I know of that supposedly plays bluray is VLC, which you can download here. I've never used it but if it doesn't work maybe someone can help you out here.

I can't read it very well but it looks like your drive firmware version number is on the line that starts with "HL"; the version number itself begins with "CP" and ends with "101". I would first look for a software solution that works, even if you must purchase it, before monkeying around with updating the firmware; you always need to be careful and know what you are doing when updating firmware, BIOS, etc.

Perhaps VLC will work for you.
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