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10 Aug 2009  

WinXPPro32SP3, WinXPPro64SP2, Win7Ult32SP1, Win7Ult64SP1

Hello folks,
I would like to refer back to the problem Luciak described back on page 1, which almost made my eyes roll straight out of my skull...
I've never used a dual boot system before, but my friend told me he had one and that one Windows claimed to be on C and the other on D, just like he installed them.
So wherever I install Win7, it will claim being located on C? Isn't that a mess? Maybe my understanding of partition letters is completely wrong, but I thought they should appear the same on every Windows in a dual boot. However here I see that on Win7 G became C while it's still G on XP.
I mean, how do I now tell for sure what is what? Let's say I make two partitions of the same size and install Win7 on both, so that i can make risky experiments on one of them. Both would be installed on C? If one broke or I just decided I didn't want it anymore, how would I know which partition letter I need to concentrate on?
I was planning to try out an XP + 7 dual boot, but this issue left me utterly confused and I don't think I can proceed before this is sorted out in my head.
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