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15 Nov 2012  

Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit

In my attempt to find the easiest way to put Win 8 in my pc I guess I asked too many questions and watched too many tutiorials as there are conflicting ideas and methods.
I have a Dell which is mavericky to begin with. It has a recovery partition and the C: drive when I can see at system restore.
I don't know if I should buy a retail disc, order one, all to get the program for $40 rather than pay $300.
Then again I like Win 7 and it should be around for a while.
My goal was to dual boot but there were too many conflicting ideas.
Then I thought I might install Win 8 on one pc until I am ok with it and keep Win 7 on the other for my wife until I can instruct her with Win 8.
Now I am in a state of flux. I thought I knew where to download from but I have several sources now. There too many crs and other acronyms.
I thought I was supposed to remove all partitons but I was just told to keep the Win 7 and recovery ones.
I was told to do an upgrade then told to do a clean install - not knowing the difference makes that hard to perform.
I really am in a quandry.
What do you say about the type of install (iso to burn) (clean vs upgrade and how)and also (the partitions to keep or remove), the source ie retail or MS download)?
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